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The Zoning/Code Enforcement department is responsible for the enforcement of the zoning ordinance as well as codes that deal with building construction, renovations, and property maintenance. All Permits are issued in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code by Construction Code Inspectors, Inc., which can be reached by phone at 800-421-4798 or online at Permits for minor residential repairs are issued by the City of Titusville Building Inspector. Submissions to the Zoning Hearing Board are processed through this department.

Fees are based upon construction costs.

Construction, repair, alteration, removal or demolition of buildings and structures and plumbing or electrical work, including the installation, removal or extension of electrical wire or conductors to be used for the transmission of electric current for light heat or power purposes in existing buildings, structures or outdoor electrical signs or displays or in the construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair of buildings, structures, displays or signs require a Building Permit.  

The following exceptions apply: (1) Plumbing. Permits shall not be required under this article for minor repair work, provided no changes are made in drains or drain vents. (2) Electrical. Permits shall not be required under this article for minor repair work such as replacement of lamps and fuses, the connection of portable electrical appliances to suitable permanently installed outlets, and equipment installed or work done by or for a public utility as defined by the Public Utility Law, May 28, 1937 (P.L. 1053).

Necessary for structures such as dumpsters and construction trailers which are temporarily placed for use within the public right of way.

Required for the removal of all residential, industrial, and commercial structures. Fees are based upon the type of structure to be demolished.

Necessary for all new signs, changes to signs, and relocation of signs. No sign may be erected, changed, or moved prior to the issuance of a sign permit.

The repair, replacement, and maintenance of sidewalks in front of a property are the property owners responsibility. To assure that curb cuts are made properly when creating off-street parking, it is the responsibility of the property owner to have the curb cut in accordance with city specifications.

Property maintenance inspections are made through this department and are done so in accordance with the 1996 BOCA National Property Maintenance Code. Inspections are made to the interior and exterior of structures as well as the exterior property areas which includes refuse, weeds, and abandoned vehicles.

This ordinance was established to assure that when land is developed, measures are taken to reduce flood flows and velocities, erosion, sedimentation, and overloading of public facilities.

Inspections are required to assure that rainwater downspouts are separated from sanitary sewers. These inspections are required when a property is being sold and a certificate of compliance is issued upon completion.

All subdivisions are governed by the City’s Ordinances/Zoning Ordinances. Plans must make their way through a departmental review, a review by the City’s Planning Commission, and a review by the Crawford County Planning Commission prior to the final approval of City Council. Forms are available on the main page of the City’s website.