Mission Statement

The Mission of the City of Titusville is to deliver the highest level of service to its residents efficiently, effectively and professionally as possible while maintaining affordability. The City of Titusville, as the business and population hub of the Region, will continue to provide the sustenance necessary to encourage and promote the development of future partnerships responsible for building a stronger economic future for the City and the surrounding region.

The Vision of the City of Titusville, its City Council and Administrators, will endeavor to continuously improve in the areas of delivery of basic services, accountability, ethics, customer satisfaction, planning and employee training.

The Goals of the City of Titusville, its City Council and Administrators include To:

  • Search for alternate forms of revenue generation through the exploration of grants and other non-traditional funding sources.
  • Develop a long-range plan for the purchase of City equipment and infrastructure improvements.
  • Work to identify and implement procedures, which will facilitate the City’s ability to sell services to neighboring communities.
  • Search for ways to develop regional financial support for City assets that serve the Region.
  • Endeavor to preserve, whenever possible, the historical significance of the City; support civic and community group projects; and protect the environment, thus improving the general health, safety, and welfare of all City residents.